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Enterprise and Solutions Architecture: Dichotomy or Continuum?

Based on job descriptions posted on recruiting websites, it is…

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Strategy and Innovation Roadmapping Tools

Strategy and Innovation Roadmapping Tools are new to Many, Even if the Techniques are Known Gartner has recently released a Market Guide for Strategy and Innovation Roadmapping Tools. The Market Guide profiles tool providers that helps those seeking to visualize the change across many layers and different states of change: plans, in-flight efforts, and existing assets. Today, […]

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10 years, 4 months ago

What Is the Value of a Roadmap?

I get many questions about demonstrating the value of business architecture but a few weeks ago I was in a discussion with some fellow business architects who had a more specific question, “What is the value of a roadmap?”  After thinking about this a while, I came to the conclusion that we often miss the […]

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Management Information for Managing Innovation

Management information is not particular difficult to produce, it is difficult to make use of. Management information can be produced in quite a few ways and supported by quite a few methods, but too much management information will eventually clutter the line of sight of the decision makers and as such work against holistic management. […]