1 month, 14 days ago

Don’t forget all the things that a core team performs to a tee, but that you never see

The third ‘fragmentation wave’ of the IT-revolution is upon us, it seems. Fragmentation is a repeated pattern in the IT-revolution, that has given us object oriented programming and agile/DevOps as solutions to managing complexity. Now, it is the organ…

2 months, 14 days ago

Ain’t No Lie — The unsolvable(?) prejudice problem in ChatGPT and friends

Thanks to Gary Marcus, I found out about this research paper. And boy, is this is both a clear illustration of a fundamental flaw at the heart of Generative AI, as well as uncovering a doubly problematic and potentially unsolvable problem: fine-tuning …

2 years, 6 months ago

Are we humans still ‘top dog’ in this brave new world of massive IT?

What is the information revolution doing to us humans? A very condensed journey from essences of digital technology and human intelligence to the role of talk, trust and the impact of IT on society.