2 days ago

Anticipating Effects

There has been much criticism of the bias and distortion embedded in many of our modern digital tools and platforms, including search. Google recently released an AI image generation model that over-compensated for this, producing racially diverse imag…

11 years, 4 months ago

Delusion and Diversity

@VenessaMiemis asks “If most people are self delusional, what’s the point of qualitative research?” @CoCreatr retorts “What if we are all self-delusional and need proof by qualitative research to become more accepting of it?”Of course organizations are…

12 years, 2 months ago

Outcomes First: Best Practices and Metrics for Public Participation

Recently, the White House launched another in a series of public participation activities around the US National Action Plan for Open Government. This time, they’re focusing on developing best practices and metrics for public participation. This is an intriguing question, and there is certainly no shortage of expertise and research around the subject. While the definition of open government, embodied in the Open Government Directive, is focused on transparency, participation, […]