7 years, 16 days ago

Event-Driven Architecture

I had the pleasure to view an interesting presentation with Marthin Fowler regarding the concept and solution architecture of event-driven architecture. Fowler presents four different patterns that can enable  Event-Driven Architecture in an organisation and through the four patterns, Fowler defined his view of how to achieve Event-Driven Architecture. You can watch the presentation inContinue reading “Event-Driven Architecture”

14 years, 9 months ago

Watching Events

It seems that when thinking about events, we have a tendency to put some of the responsibilities in the wrong place. Of course every time we don’t have a proper separation of responsibilities, we get extra complexity. So in this post I will look at som…

14 years, 10 months ago

Event and Content

This conversation with Nigel started innocently enough. Two people who have very similar views talking about architecture in the large. We described our current problem spaces – they looked very similar, but as is often the case we used the same words …