12 years, 2 months ago

Work Systems and Requisite Inquiry

In my previous post, I expounded upon Hoebeke’s (1994) notion that work is vertically organized as recursively interlinked work system domains and postulated a link between these structural domains and the ontological domains of the Cynefin framework (…

12 years, 10 months ago

Schools of Enterprise Architecture: Ideas of Architecting the Business, the Organization and the Technology

Introduction Enterprise Architecture as a concept can be defined as many different things, shapes and practices. Through my studies of the concept of Enterprise Architecture, I have discovered that there are as many definitions of Enterprise Architecture as there are … Continue reading

13 years, 24 days ago

The Fractal Organization: From an Enterprise Architecture Point of View.

Enterprise Architecture Patrick Hoverstadt started the lecture by saying that he had never heard of Enterprise Architecture before he ran into John Gotze but of what he has learned it is about making sense of the organization and creating a … Continue reading