11 years, 10 days ago

4 Easy Ways to Kill Innovation

How should we innovate? Business and technology leaders ask me this question a lot these days. I often respond with another question. Why do you want to innovate? Nothing kills innovation faster than a lack of focus. A financial services CTO established a technology innovation team to explore.  “Explore what?” I asked.  “Emerging technologies that might help us” was his answer.  Not convinced enough focus was there, we refined the scope of his efforts using […]

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11 years, 11 months ago

Demystifying Business Innovation

Guest post by John Sviokla Why innovate? Because the growth of your business ― and, ultimately, its success and sustainability ― demands it. In the past two decades over a billion new customers have entered the market economy, mostly in the parts of the world we now refer to as “emerging markets”. In the eyes of today’s CEO ― regardless of his or her home market ― that’s where the action is: it’s among the […]

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