10 years, 7 months ago

The Next Phase of Agile Development

Guest post by Alan Morrison It’s human nature for people to build sturdy structures to shield themselves from the unpredictability of the elements. But, if you are too sheltered for too long, you weaken your ability to continuously confront change. That’s the dilemma facing IT departments. Change is raining down on them, and they are having trouble continuously adapting. A term is gaining momentum in the IT community to describe an ideal state for IT […]

10 years, 8 months ago

Digital Keystone Skills

One of my clients is faced with retooling its IT workforce as a wave of employees approach retirement. Our conversations about how they should shape their recruitment strategy got me thinking about the post I wrote back in 2009 “IT’s Keystone Skills,” and how I would refresh it for today. The idea behind IT keystone skills was to identify the core skills required regardless of the level of outsourcing an organization undertakes.  The four featured […]

12 years, 1 month ago

Social Collaboration vs. Quiet Contemplation

Roughly 20-30% of the population is acknowledged introverts and it’s no secret that IT has its fair share. One of the more famous is Steve Wozniak who dreamt up the first Apple computer in solitude. It’s highly unlikely that this quantum leap of imagination that changed the world would have bubbled to the surface in a boisterous brainstorming session. That’s because introverts like Wozniak excel in low-key environments and crave quiet to create, as Susan […]

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