7 years, 6 months ago

Agile is not Agility

Agile is a way of changing things.

Agility is a quality of the things you want to change. 

If moving one block is going to bring down the tower, being agile won’t help much.

And being agile doesn’t stop you building lots and lots of towers.


Photo: Antony Mayfield

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7 years, 6 months ago

Agility is not Speed

Agility is the ability to change direction quickly.

The paradox of agility is that it is that the slower you are moving the faster you can change direction.

Just going really fast, in the belief that speed is agility, can lead to a nasty, sudden stop.


Photo by Dan Masa


creativecommons.org 2.0

13 years, 1 month ago

10 Ways to be More Agile

Print PDF Written with contributions from Michael Mariani, Tim Mattix, Ryan Finnamore and many others. You might think the word “agile” is synonymous with “paralysis” to see some organizations react to the idea of introducing agile development principles to their traditional systems development lifecycle (SDLC). Concerns about introducing too much change to the organization can stop agility discussions with the business before they start. But if the organization’s goals include increasing the speed of development, […]

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