4 years, 10 months ago

Unpeeling the Onion Doesn’t Have to Make You Cry

Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Hillel Glazer believes that to answer the question, “How do we know we’re performing well?” organizations can work backwards — unpeeling the onion — to add the most visible and readily accessible attributes that would lead them from their center (the core of the onion) to the external world (or the outermost Read more

5 years, 4 months ago

It is possible to shorten the idea-to-launch time span for industrial products

The Industrial Agile Framework™, developed by Cutter Consortium Senior Consultant Hubert Smits and Peter Borsella, pulls together everything that’s needed to design and mass produce a product —beginning with an idea and including design, components, supplier considerations, manufacturing, and everything in between — to shorten the idea-to-launch time span for industrial products. In the Cutter Read more

6 years, 14 days ago

Call for Papers: Architecture + Agile: The Yin & Yang of Organizational Agility

The ability of an organization to continually identify, assess and react to change quickly and effectively in response to major forces such as globalization and technology, is moving from the realm of competitive advantage to necessary for survival. There have been great advances in improving the agility of execution, and while many organizations are pursuing Read more

10 years, 7 months ago

Call for Papers: Agile Architecture — Dodo Bird or Differentiator?

Within the world of Agile, architecture often seems misaligned or is a forgotten value-add to a project, especially in enterprise and large scale programs. However, an agile architecture can enable a business to deliver features faster and give them a competitive advantage. Coupled with SaaS and/or Cloud, it seems obvious that agile architectures are required. …

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11 years, 24 days ago

Making Profits Using API Economy

How much have you paid for your last home phone? Probably 10 euros, dollars, or whatever is your currency. It is likely that 20 years ago you would have paid a higher amount, even without taking into account the inflation. Still, imagine a world where you are the only phone owner, what would be the …

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