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Call for Papers: Agile Architecture — Dodo Bird or Differentiator?

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Within the world of Agile, architecture often seems misaligned or is a forgotten value-add to a project, especially in enterprise and large scale programs. However, an agile architecture can enable a business to deliver features faster and give them a competitive advantage. Coupled with SaaS and/or Cloud, it seems obvious that agile architectures are required.

So what is the problem? Sometimes organizations struggle to define what exactly an agile architecture is, the value it can add to product delivery, and what artifacts are most useful and relevant. Is an agile architecture about supporting rapid scale-out, continuous delivery and deployment? Or is it an exercise in futility? How much value should an organization attribute to having a sound architecture blueprint in place?

An upcoming issue of Cutter IT Journal seeks opinion and perspectives on how an agile architecture increases the value teams deliver to their organizations. We also seek insight on the possible challenges and risks faced by project teams working within an agile architecture framework, and specific practices that can ensure your team’s agile transformation goes smoothly.

Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. What are the characteristics of an agile architecture?
2. How do legacy or enterprise applications leverage agile architecture for growth?
3. With the emphasis on continuous development and/or delivery, what aspects of architecture need to be more flexible vs firm?
4. How does complexity affect a successful rollout?
5. Is the value of agile architecture solely to help scale out deployment?
6. What role does the CIO/DevOps team play in this?
7. What type of architecture has greater synergy to agile?
8. What aspects, pieces, practices of a given architecture style are most aligned?
9. Has Agile missed the boat, as SOA has won the war with API Mgmt and SaaS deployments?
10. What is the role of the business/product owner? How do they generate more business value from an agile architecture?
11. What lessons have you learned, and/or best practices would you share, based on your own agile architecture?

SEND US YOUR ARTICLE IDEA by 4 December 2013.

Please respond to the Guest Editor Sue McKinney at smckinney[at]cutter[dot]com, with a copy to Christine Generali, cgenerali[at]cutter[dot]com no later than 4 December 2013 and include an extended abstract and a short article outline showing major discussion points.

Accepted articles are due by 10 January 2014.

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