11 years, 12 days ago

An Integrated Electronic Health Record Needs Enterprise Architecture for Communicating Separation of Concerns

Achieving true progress in creating integrated AND interoperable electronic healthcare management and information systems is very much a real-world, current-day Enterprise Architecture (EA) challenge – and it starts with “separating the business and technical concerns” using standardized EA methods, vocabularies and reusable assets. The manner in which the challenges are communicated, in particular, would benefit all stakeholders and acquisition managers. 

11 years, 10 months ago

Transformative Enterprise Architecture Framework – Connecting Strategy – Tactical (Operational) – Execution (Implementation)

Defeat Darwinian Enterprise Model that is Adaptive, rather strive to achieve Generative Model that is transformative creating rich diversity from minimal sets. Connect – Strategy – Architecture / Operations – Implementation

11 years, 11 months ago

Learn How Enterprise Architects Can Better Relate TOGAF and DoDAF to Bring Best IT Practices to Defense Contracts

Chris Armstrong, president of Armstrong Process Group, discusses how governments in particular are using various frameworks to improve their architectural planning and IT implementations in a podcast with Dana Gardner. Mr. Armstrong will be speaking at…