9 years, 3 months ago

Iron Architect

The other day in a hotel room I happened on the show Iron Chef. A friend of mine who’s still convinced that I can learn to cook, even after numerous kitchen disasters, had recommended I watch the show.

For those not familiar, top chefs work with up and coming chefs in a timed contest to create a dinner that the judges then vote on. The participants don’t know until the show starts what ingredients they will have to use in their dishes.

The show has additional complexities but I have to admit I stopped paying attention because it suddenly struck me as a good idea to have an Iron Architect contest. There would be three judges and the participants would get 10 requirements that would have to be addressed in the architectures they develop. The participants would have 8 hours to develop a comprehensive architecture. Each participant would have an Iron Architect to help them, but it would be in an oversight and mentoring role. The iron architect would not create any actual architecture.

Cooking is a lot like architecture. It’s subjective (some people like eating cow hearts – but even if they are considered a delicacy I would never eat a cow heart). Some people cook using exact measurements while some just wing it. In architecture some people use industry standards and other just make stuff up. The title chef, like the title architect, can apply to anyone regardless of their skill or training.

It would be nice to see people improving their architecting skills, and for other architects, especially new architects, to see how an expert works.

And the contest would be much more exciting than a boring technical session…