8 years, 11 months ago

Voterball: The Data Disruption of Electoral Politics

  If there’s a great story coming out of the recent presidential election, it’s how analytical, evidence-based methods are disrupting the conventional wisdom of political pundits and campaigns to deliver significantly more reliable forecasts and actionable insights.   The most … Continue reading

9 years, 3 months ago

Why the Yammer Acquisition Means Almost Nothing to Your Enterprise

I would argue that while the acquisition is great for Microsoft, and absolutely fabulous for Yammer’s investors, for most enterprises it’s not really a net positive and potentially, could be quite negative depending on your company’s disposition towards the cloud.
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10 years, 3 months ago

Five Implications of “All Architecture is Local”

In my earlier post I argue that to provide value quickly, architecture needs to be thought of in the context of local needs more than enterprise needs. Here are five implications of architecting locally: Solve a local problem, not the … Continue reading

10 years, 3 months ago

This Week in Bad Architecture: What Floor is the AirTrain?

Here’s one of my favorite pictures of bad architecture that I use frequently in my presentations to non-architects. These pictures are from an elevator at Terminal 3 at JFK. Clearly there are at least three departments at JFK, each with … Continue reading

10 years, 3 months ago

The Battle of Our Times: Capabilities vs. Process

Photo by Tim Hipps, FMWRC Public Affairs I’m a little ashamed to admit I’ve spent far too much of my career debating colleagues on the merits of capability versus process. In the worst example, I engaged in an intense debate … Continue reading