12 years, 11 months ago

The Agile CIO as a Business – IT Marriage Counselor

Print PDF Guest post by Tim Mattix and Mike Mariani If the relationship between developers and business users is like a marriage, sometimes the CIO’s job is akin to a marriage counselor. In a marriage, one spouse often wants the other to change. In the market, business executives want change, too; changes in the way systems operate so they can capitalize on new opportunities. And often the complaints in both situations are the same. It’s […]

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13 years, 1 month ago

Why We Need Cloud Integration Architecture

Print PDF A few years ago, a consumer products company I’m familiar with committed to outsourcing its infrastructure and as much of its application portfolio as possible. Its strategic application decisions were heavily influenced by outsourced and SaaS offering, placing its CRM and several customer community sites in the cloud. With a stable set of hosted, cloud and SaaS apps, they were shocked to find that they didn’t talk to one another to provide a […]

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