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The transition to Shadow IT and the Cloud (ii)

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The CIO in the Cloud era
The IT issue and the Cloud solution (i)
The revolution started with the shadow IT. Business felt satiated with the perpetual IT excuses and delays of the type “can’t”, “not now”, “we are so busy…”, &nbs…

7 years, 1 month ago

The IT issue and the Cloud solution (i)

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The CIO in the Cloud era
Yet, business is not too happy with the IT department. I cannot imagine why, you may say. Well, IT costs a big deal in comparison with rest of a business. Consider the numbing operationa expenditure on se…

10 years, 1 month ago

One Simple Solution to Unite the CIO and CMO

Why can’t CIOs and CMOs just get along? Based on my experience, there is one primary reason why their relationship is adversarial: the CIO and CMO can’t agree on who is responsible for what, so they are perpetually trampling on each other’s toes. Our 2014 Digital IQ study identified a strong CIO-CMO partnership as one of the five critical behaviors to maximizing the value from digital technology investments. The majority (70%) of top performers in our […]

10 years, 5 months ago

6 Signs You Need a New IT Strategy

Guest post by Mike Pearl IT departments face crushing pressure from every direction to transform IT to meet the daunting demands of the digital age.  If you feel yourself asking questions related to IT’s role, better working relationships with Marketing, and how to capitalize on the firehose of emerging technologies, it is likely time for a new IT strategy. IT must institute massive change on multiple fronts: deepen and reshape business relationships, overhaul IT skills, […]

10 years, 6 months ago

Digital Enterprise or Digital Front Office?

CIO Magazine’s latest State of the CIO report tells us that only 25% of 722 CIOs surveyed think that their IT organization is positioned as true business colleagues within the rest of their organizations.  This dismal positioning is consistent with PwC’s Digital IQ findings that show that only a quarter of companies put IT at the front of business innovation, rather than hiding them in the back office to only contribute to internal improvements. This […]

10 years, 9 months ago

2 Imperatives for the Digital CIO

It’s been an exciting few years of football for my alma matter Texas A&M.  With the introduction of a new head coach came a new offensive scheme, known as the Air Raid, which is a type of spread offense noted for using many creative formations with receivers and different players in the backfield, short and long passes and a quick tempo.  Combined with a very quick and athletic quarterback, this is a very difficult offense […]

11 years, 2 months ago

Is Your CIO Your CDO?

One analyst reports that by 2015 25% of companies will have a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) who resides outside of the IT department and is responsible for driving the digitization of research and development, marketing, customer service and the creation of new products and services. Before you create this new role and contact your favorite executive recruiters, take a step back and ask a few questions: What is the scope of digital transformation for your […]

11 years, 3 months ago

PwC’s CIO/CMO Roundtable with Geoffrey Moore

Guest Post by Ted Shelton On a recent evening in Silicon Valley, PwC hosted the well-known author Geoffrey Moore and 15 CIOs and CMOs from some of the leading Bay Area global technology firms. Over dinner Geoffrey led a spirited conversation on the new challenges that CIOs and CMOs are facing – rapid expansion of digital tools and techniques as a part of marketing activities; blending of marketing with other functional areas such as customer […]

11 years, 6 months ago

2013: The Year of the CIO

CIOs stand at a crossroads as we head into 2013. Many of them have a choice to make. They can retreat to the back-office or reach out to business units and began to partner with them on customer-facing innovation and revenue generation. Many CIOs I know will choose to breakout of the IT department mindset – or already have. However, they have a lot of changes to make to cultivate the relationships and acquire the […]