9 years, 8 months ago

One Simple Solution to Unite the CIO and CMO

Why can’t CIOs and CMOs just get along? Based on my experience, there is one primary reason why their relationship is adversarial: the CIO and CMO can’t agree on who is responsible for what, so they are perpetually trampling on each other’s toes. Our 2014 Digital IQ study identified a strong CIO-CMO partnership as one of the five critical behaviors to maximizing the value from digital technology investments. The majority (70%) of top performers in our […]

10 years, 7 months ago

The Chief Marketing Technology Officer – CMTO – and the EA

The Chief Marketing Technology Officer (CMTO) is recently an
often-proposed role, that combines the interactive marketing savvy and
experience of a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and the traditional
information technology operations, management and investment knowledge
of a CIO or CTO. More and more often, digital marketing requirements of
an organization need a healthy integration of both marketing and IT
skills. A good deal of the CMTO/CMO’s “enterprise” scope to address is actually
outside of their organization, i.e. dealing with Internet-based
services, tools or 3rd-party sourced data and information.  This expanded, external scope can effectively, and should be addressed by the Enterprise Architect.

13 years, 15 days ago

Social Media Monitoring and Analysis

Print PDF Guest post by Jeff Auker The market for the monitoring and analysis of social media conversations is beginning to hit its stride, so CIOs should expect a growing demand from your marketing colleagues for assistance selecting, installing, and maintaining a social media intelligence tool set. In conversations with CMOs here’s what they say they are looking to learn from social media conversations: The explosion of uncontrolled communication and the proliferation of channels represent […]

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