2 months, 4 days ago

5 Steps to Create Winning Enterprise Integration Strategy in the Digital Era

In the fast paced technology driven businesses, quick turnaround solutions like microservices often take the precedence over “planned” integration. This strategy, although in short term, provides for better business value, in the long run, creates unmanageable technical debt. As uncontrolled business debt erodes business’s ability to grow further, uncontrolled technical debt erodes IT department’s ability to fund future innovations. Although in many cases it’s an easiest approach to take, piecemeal achievements are short lived. Soon, IT teams find themselves lost in a sea of fragmented software gizmos.

4 years, 19 days ago

What do Information Architects and Integration Architects actually do?

Following on from yesterday’s post asking “Is Enterprise Architecture Definable?” I thought I would share some working definitions I use in relation to Integration and Information Architecture. Integration Architect The Integration Architect designs integration solutions which are flexible, reliable and secure. The primary focus of the Integration Architect is the provision of well-defined system to […]