12 years, 30 days ago

More on identity and Mask

Who or what is ‘I’? How does our experience of ‘I’ change as we interact with our world? Yes, I do know that those questions might seem to fit more in philosophy or psychology. But as per the previous post, they also have huge ramifications in user-experience and user-interface design, in product-design, in sensemaking and […]

12 years, 1 month ago

Identifier, identity, persona and Mask

Who or what is ‘I’? How do others recognise that ‘I’? How does that ‘I’ express itself? – with what voice does that ‘I’ speak? And how do others recognise that voice? Yeah, I know, sounds like philosophy and stuff – woefully abstract, deep and pointless. Yawn. But those ‘pointless’ questions are the core – the […]