12 years, 11 months ago

Iteration #6 of a new Business Model for MTB Stage Races

The Sponsoring checklist As you get into it you need some help. Help can come in many forms, mostly what is required is network, money and knowledge. To get that you try to secure the support of sponsors in the form of investors. To ease the communication with the different types of sponsors a basic […]

12 years, 11 months ago

Enabling the BMC with the power of Q

I threw the basic grid below together as a tool to reason and visualize about how developers, analysts and architects generally use the BMC. My suspicion was that most users of the BMC scatter their efforts across the grid with an emphasis on “Enable”. If that would prove to be the case then there is […]

13 years, 27 days ago

Taking a turn on the BMCanvas

The basic question I’m exploring visually here is “Is there another perspective to be found using the BMCanvas by Alexander Osterwalder at any orientation?” For the Architect (whatever prefix is used Business/Enterprise/IT) relating to the concept of different orientations may help in focusing the effort on the areas most important to the sponsor. The value […]