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Iteration #6 of a new Business Model for MTB Stage Races

Link: http://enklare.wordpress.com/2011/06/25/sponsoring-checklist/

The Sponsoring checklist

As you get into it you need some help. Help can come in many forms, mostly what is required is network, money and knowledge. To get that you try to secure the support of sponsors in the form of investors. To ease the communication with the different types of sponsors a basic checklist can be utilized.

The checklist below is not specific to a situation where you are about to venture of into the wild or jumping out of a spaceship. This checklist has a dual purpose, it can be used to anchor and fund an idea in the heads of your business managers. The checklist is designed to be easy on purpose. You may think you need to cut a first class business case with rows and columns in a spreadsheet, but you don’t. What you need is to be clear about your intentions and get this information before the eyes of the right people.

A good rule of thumb is to rework the sponsoring request until it fits readable on one A4 paper.

The checklist

  1. Describe your organization – Describe the purpose of your organization, its goals and objectives, customer segments, investment areas, the number of people and financing.
  2. Describe the project in detail – Conduct a detailed description of the project you seek funding for. Be mindful to express the specifik purpose of the project, the time period, the budget requirements, the project lead and the critical success factors.
  3. Describe the partnership – Describe the type of cooperation you want to start with the sponsor. Be as specific as possible and list above all the support that would be needed for this cooperation and other factors you consider important in this type of collaboration.
  4. Describe the value of the enterprise – Detail the benefits you expect to realize if the project is successfully implemented.
  5. Anything else – In order to more quickly process your application for sponsorship, complete with additional information about the project that may be valuable in the decision.
  6. Contact info – Supply all the basic contact infos needed to get in touch with you. Name, E-mail, Phone, Address.