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EA Best Practices from the World’s Leading Brands

Boeing, Dell, Volkswagen, Cisco Systems and Discover Financial Services are among the world-leading companies getting strategic, real-world results from their EA and Business Technology Management initiatives.Hear how they’re doing it at Troux&rs…

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April Events

 stop press  A limited number of workshop places are available at £195 per person per day. Please phone Unicom on 01895 256484 quoting code EA04.

I shall be presenting at the following events.

April 11th. “No Intelligence Without Feedback”…

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Transforming your business operating model for outsourcing and off-shoring with strategic Cloud Computing

A consideration that is now growing in many markets is how outsourcing and off-shoring has been affected by the emergence of Cloud Computing as a kind of alternative option to hosting services. Continue reading →

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Cloud security and risk management

Are you ready to move to the Cloud? Risk management and cost control are two key issues facing CIOs and CTOs today. Both these issues come into play in Cloud Computing, and present an interesting dilemma for IT leaders at large corporations. Continue r…

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Requirements "gathering"

This makes it sound as if requirements are like mushrooms in the forest – you take a small basket, go to some secret place and pick all the things that you hope are edible, bring them home, cook them, eat them and, you hope, not die of food poisoning.