8 years, 2 months ago

The Demoralised Man

Right now there’s an interesting (to me, anyway!) discussion going on within the Enterprise Architecture Network community on LinkedIn, on the role of ethics in EA, and its relationship with EA as a profession. I’ve added a few quick comments

12 years, 18 days ago

On ‘stupid’ organisations

To link up with a discussion on ‘Possible examples of stupidity (or brilliance)‘, on  the LnkedIn ‘Organizational Intelligence’ group, Richard Veryard and Geoff Elliott asked me to post this diagram, from my book Everyday Enterprise Architecture: I believe Richard and Geoff want to use this diagram to comment on the current JP Morgan bank-losses case, […]

12 years, 25 days ago

A nice not-quite-scam?

Received an email-flyer this morning from one of my web-hosting providers, inviting me to join their new cloud-storage service, JustCloud. “It’s Free!”, it says, everywhere on the flyer and on the website; “Get Your Free Cloud Storage! – Sign Up Now!”. Um. Yes. Well, I’m a cautious sort of bloke, and when I see the […]

12 years, 8 months ago

Coping with ‘the toad in the road’

Every discipline is blighted by their own versions of an all-too-common problem: “For every difficult, complex, challenging question, there’s at least one clear, simple, easy-to-understand wrong answer”. In Australian parlance, that type of magnificently-misleading ‘wrong answer’ is known as ‘the toad in the road’. Every ‘trade’ has its toads, in some form or another. In […]