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On ‘stupid’ organisations

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To link up with a discussion on ‘Possible examples of stupidity (or brilliance)‘, on  the LnkedIn ‘Organizational Intelligence’ group, Richard Veryard and Geoff Elliott asked me to post this diagram, from my book Everyday Enterprise Architecture:

I believe Richard and Geoff want to use this diagram to comment on the current JP Morgan bank-losses case, but I’d have to leave the details of that to them. (Consider the diagram to be Creative Commons CC-BY-SA, please?)

The original context was a bank in central America that managed to drop from the most-respected in the region to the least-respected in just six months, at which point they realised they had a big problem on their hands; this diagram gives a succinct summary of what went wrong, and why.

Hope you find it useful?

(Note: when I wrote the book I was still trying to make A Certain It-May-Not-Be-Named Framework usable for enterprise-enterprise architecture, and hence the diagram still uses the terminology from that framework. These days I would use the SCAN framework instead – but I’d have to admit that that terminology above does have a certain terse symmetry about it. :-) )