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Business Process Architecture, is it an architecture though?

The idea of Business Process Architecture (BPA) was mentioned  quite a few times in the year past. Often though, in the subsequent paragraphs, it was shortened to Business Architecture.
The concept, typically, comes from the process Business …

4 years, 9 months ago

Enterprise Architecture and Target Operating Models

How often is an established Enterprise Architecture approach used to create a Target Operating Model? If the answer is not often, then why not? If the answer is yes all the time, then how should we go about creating one ? Are traditional consultancy approaches to target operating models good enough? What is an Operating […]

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Business Architecture

Tom Graves recently participated in an Open Group TweetJam on Business Architecture. You can read about the results of this at http://weblog.tetradian.com/2013/03/20/opengroup-on-bizarch/ Unfortunately I didn’t hear about this in time to participate but I thought I’d record my own thoughts here. The questions were: How do you define Business Architecture? What is the role of the business architect? What real world business problems […]

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The social construction of process

That previous post on process was, yes, I’ll admit it, a bit long: but the key point is that the term ‘process’ is necessarily a bit blurred, and that we get into trouble if we try too hard to sharpen up

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Business Process Manifesto Published

The Business Process Manifesto edited by Roger Burlton is now available. The purpose of this manifesto is to create common definitions for terminology and concepts used in the business process management space. This document has been a number of years in the making and has received review and input from many business professionals worldwide. It

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Process Architecture and Information Architecture – The Missing Link

Maximizing the effectiveness of your business architecture and business capabilities, requires you to develop your process architecture and information architecture together in lock step. Most will agree that processes and information are intricately linked. For example, the effectiveness of process decisions depends on quality information and the quality of information depends on the processes that

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Business architect and enterprise architect

This one started from a Tweet from Vince Outlaw, one of the attendees at the recent Gartner EA conference in San Diego:

SMOutlaw: Hot IT job No. 1: Business architect http://ow.ly/5p44R Very timely as Enterprise Business Architecture is a HUGE subject at #GartnerEA

If you know me, you won’t be surprised that to me that was like […]