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Process Architecture and Information Architecture – The Missing Link

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Maximizing the effectiveness of your business architecture and business capabilities, requires you to develop your process architecture and information architecture together in lock step. Most will agree that processes and information are intricately linked. For example, the effectiveness of process decisions depends on quality information and the quality of information depends on the processes that create and maintain it. However, many organizations do not intricately link their approaches to business process management (BPM) and information management (IM).

Three of the key challenges to interleaving process and information architectures  are:

  1. Different types of processes interact differently with different types of information, requiring different design and management approaches
  2. The existence of two completely different groups optimizing information architecture (often non-existent) and optimizing processes, with little synergy between these groups.
  3. Focus on structured information stored in databases, completely ignoring all the unstructured information that is used to guide processes and inform human decision making.

I will be presenting more detail on this topic and how to address these challenges at the IRM UK Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Modelling Conference Europe 2012 in London, UK June 18th to 20th. If you are able to attend this conference there is a half day workshop on the 18th that also deals with how to rectify this missing link from the information architecture point of view.

I hope to see you at the conference and look forward to interacting with you.


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