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Interoperability and interresponsibility

(This one’s somewhat exploratory, so perhaps pardon me if I ramble a bit more even than usual here?) Reading Dion Hinchcliffe’s excellent post ‘Enterprise Social Networks Need Open Standards‘ left me pondering on the whole thorny issue of interoperability, and

8 years, 11 months ago

A week in Tweets: 02-08 October 2011

Another week’s worth of Tweets and links, for once almost on time. Usual categories, of course, with a few extra bits and pieces as usual. Over to you? Enterprise-architecture, business architecture and that kind of stuff: practicingEA: At an engagement yesterday client kept using the word ‘enterprise’ 2 mean big company IT…hmmm. Not what #entarch […]

8 years, 11 months ago

A week in Tweets: 25 September – 01 October 2011

Another week’s collection of Tweets and links – somewhat oversized this time, don’t quite know why. Usual categories, anyway, after the usual break: Enterprise-architecture and the other ‘business big-picture’ stuff: SAlhir: RT @Jabaldaia Network analysis in innovation may surprise us http://bit.ly/nDy4eA ArtBourbon: RT @pbmobi: (high-level) Enterprise Backbone of Nespresso   http://bit.ly/mOJTuL #entarch #bizarch >>plus comment […]

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A week in Tweets: 18-24 September 2011

It’s back again, by popular (lack of?) demand: another week’s collection of Tweets and links. All the usual categories, confusions and all-too-necessary break before we start: Enterprise-architecture, business-architecture and the ‘business big-picture’: SAlhir: RT @complexified “Secrets of the Six Principles” – great primer on #complexity in orgs, and case studies. [PDF] http://bit.ly/q6JPcR thoughttrans: Can roadmaps […]

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A week in Tweets: 11-17 September 2011

Another week’s worth of Tweets and links, for once available almost straight away. Usual categories an’ all: make of it what you will? Enterprise-architecture, strategy, innovation and all the ‘business big-picture’ themes: gkathan: RT @simplicableanna: Why Enterprise Architects need to understand games http://bit.ly/pSg4eQ #entarch #cio >sorry, but I still can’t see past the hype to […]

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A week in Tweets: 04-10 September 2011

And, for once, not overly late… Another week’s collection of Tweets and links, always the same(ish) structure, always different content. Enterprise-architecture and the kind of big-picture stuff that business will need: tetradian: [post] EA metamodel and method http://bit.ly/q2Qc5R #entarch (thx @ArtBourbon @pbmobi @adraffin @Robert_Phipps) gkathan: RT @jukkaam: Finding Opportunities in Business Model Innovation: business model […]

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A week in Tweets: 28 August – 03 September 2011

Almost catching up for once: only one week late. Another collection of Tweets and links, anyway, all in the usual format and so on. Enterprise-architecture and the usual ‘big-picture for business’ stuff: gkathan: RT @pbmobi: The 7 Rules of Tubemapping http://wp.me/Piayu-oC #entarch #storytelling gkathan: Perspectives of Enterprising, Architecture & Systems: Enterprising http://bit.ly/petnf1 #entarch >summary of […]

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A week in Tweets: 21-27 August 2011

Another not-quite-so-delayed collection of Tweets and links – Share and Enjoy? Usual and usual, of course: over to you… Enterprise-architecture, strategy and all the ‘business big-picture’ stuff: SAlhir: RT @Annemcx RT @sajidahinakhan RSA Animate – The Empathic Civilisation http://youtu.be/l7AWnfFRc7g via @youtube #entarch FlorianQuarre: US energy usage: Well rendered dataViz, plus striking fact for me: 58% […]

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A week in Tweets: 14-20 August 2011

And another delayed week’s-worth of Tweets and links. Usual and usual, preceded by usual. Enterprise-architecture and all the fun strategy-type stuff on business: chrisdpotts: RT @roygrubb: iPod. iPhone. iPad. Why Apple is Done Inventing New Devices. http://zite.to/o9pXGu #bmgen #bizarch SAlhir: RT @complexified RT @demingSoS “There is no point in asking #consumers – who do not […]

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A week in Tweets: 7-13 August 2011

Oops… badly behind on this, definitely need to do some catch-up. Oh well. A somewhat-delayed collection of Tweets and links, anyway. Usual this-that-and-the-other, with first the usual ‘Read more…’ link: Enterprise-architecture, business-architecture and all the business-big-picture themes: davidcushman: RT @OrenTodoros: Dude had to pay $250 for a stroller replacement part, so he 3D Printed it […]

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A week in Tweets: 31 July – 06 August 2011

Another somewhat-delayed week’s-worth of Tweets and links, organized in the usual way with the usual categories and the usual ‘Read more…’ break: Anything to do with enterprise-architecture and all the other usual business-big-picture stuff: tetradian: [post] The is-ness of business http://bit.ly/pR0YbC #entarch tetradian: [post] Questions on business-model to enterprise-architecture http://bit.ly/pD8pRZ #entarch #bizarch #bmgen (for @ArtBourbon) […]

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A week in Tweets: 24-30 July 2011

It’s another week. Which means another (slightly-delayed) week’s-worth of Tweets and links. Usual categories, usual ‘Read more…’ link: Enterprise-architecture, business-strategy and all the business-big-picture stuff: jdevoo: How to set sustainability goals http://j.mp/qb6WX0 >> applying SMART principles #entarch jdevoo: Designing a sustainability dashboard? Modeling is not optional http://j.mp/p7PQA8 #entarch greblhad: Anyone has input on using  http://ideascale.com/ […]