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ANNOUNCEMENT – EA Learning Launches new Operating Model Design course

Link: http://enterprisearchitects.com/operating-model-design-course/

This week, EA Learning is proud to announce the latest course to be added to our expanded Architecture and Design training curriculum, Applied Operating Model Design. The course is authored by Julie Choo, an experienced Business Architecture practitioner and thought leader who has also delivered our Applied Business Architecture course over the years. Julie has been working on the course for a year or so as part of a book she is writing called the Strategy Journey which looks at the 5 keys stages of strategy development from defining a strategy to executing on that strategy.

Speaking about the course and her upcoming book, The Strategy Journey®, Julie had this to say about why she created this course: “Applied Operating Model Design was created to help bring together my experiences in Corporate Strategy & Planning, Business Architecture and Operating Model design into a robust and structured methodology for Operating Model Transformation. Having also taught the Applied Business Architecture course, I felt that there was an opportunity to develop a course that delved further into the discipline of Operating Model design. I am confident this course will help practitioners around the world who have been looking for a practical course that will equip them with a set of tools and techniques to help drive successful transformation initiatives through effective Operating Model Design. There are lots of fun exercises that help participants to learn from the successes of different industries that they can take away to apply in their organisations.”

Here at EA Learning we feel this course is a great addition to our range of training courses for Architecture and Design professionals. Having looked at our existing courses we feel this course provides a great follow-on option from our Applied Business Architecture course as well as being a valuable standalone course for practitioners who are looking to uplift their knowledge and capabilities around Operating Model Design.

The course focuses on the development of a Target Operating Model within a transformational environment, looking at how organisers can successfully manage the transition from an existing way of working to a new Operating Model. The course builds on the business architecture methods taught in our popular Applied Business Architecture course, delving deeper into the execution of an Operating Model transformation initiative. Attendees will explore areas such as Process Architecture and Data Models in the context of capabilities and functions as well as taking a look at roadmaps, communication plans and the importance of stakeholder management and cultural awareness in these initiatives.

The business perspectives in this course are focused on Strategy Execution – highlighted below in the blue box.

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As part of EA Learning’s partnership with Julie, we will be launching public courses in Sydney and London in May and June 2017 with further dates and locations to follow. The course can also be delivered in house for organisations if you are looking to get a team of people trained in this area.

If you would like to learn more about the course, please do visit our course page here or get in touch with one of our client advisors who can give you some further insights into what the course entails.

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