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Enterprise Architecture and Strategic Investment Planning

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Even when an Enterprise Architecture practice is present in an organization, it is most often understood to be either strictly preoccupied with the management of IT, or at most with the management of business and IT together, but on a horizontal level. The truth is, however, that mature EA is not only capable but also expected to deliver a vertical line of sights between strategy to execution. This, by definition, entails giving guidance on the direction of investments and the orientation of change programs/projects.  

So, despite it not being immediately obvious how Enterprise Architecture can help with Strategic Investment Planning, EA is nonetheless very much capable of performing this function. And it’s this precise topic that forms the focus of today’s post. Providing key insights into the intersect between EA and Strategic Investment Planning we have BiZZdesign’s Marc Lankhorst. In this video, Marc will address the Why of the matter as well as the How, specifically touching upon the ways in which Enterprise Architecture can improve the investment evaluation process. 

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