13 years, 5 months ago

Sourcing It

Together with Rien Dijkstra and Pieter van der Ploeg, I have launched a new book project: The Sourcing Initiative: Enabling Collaboration. Read more about it on the new website, sourcing-it.org. The idea is that there are a lot of issues at stake in modern enterprises:

Our proposition is that the modern enterprise must fundamentally rethink its sourcing equation (Organization, Economics and Technology) to become or remain viable. We have dubbed this Right Sourcing.

This is a non-profit project, and the book will be published under a Creative Commons licence and be freely available online. We will use an agile approach and release iterations as we go along.

We seek contributors who have something to wise/clever/interesting to say about the theme(s). If you think you have and want to join us, please let us know.