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A consultancy for this century

Link: http://enklare.wordpress.com/2011/02/28/a-consultancy-for-this-century/

I’ve come to think that a BIG problem that stops organizations from actually harvesting the benefits from all the fantastic knowledge, services and products of its change suppliers is the fact that they are forced to act as integrators of domains outside of their defined business model. This is especially true when it comes to CHANGE, where the consultants as depicted below roam free. Each different supplier tries to maximize its own benefits and the customer (knowing this) has an option to play this game or be played by the game.

The Customer as integrator problem

One solution to the problem would be to create an organization that has at its core business model to integrate and maximize the value of these crafts.

The Nest as Integrator

Looking into the services and disciplines of such an organization one might come up with a model like the one below.

A sketch of some of the parts of a modern consultancy

It looks like the behemoth organization that would take over the world all over again. Yes it may be interpreted like that. However this is not an organization chart detailing the functions, this is a chart showing the knowledge domains interacting to produce a specific set of values. I do not know how others work but I do believe that most of us expect the chasms between the domains to be delivered as one consistent experience. So how many employees would this be one might ask. Any respectable organization could probably deliver on these promises with two handfuls of people. I view this as ONE organization as such there is no need for a network of associates. Much of the best in people only come out when interacting with others in small highly focused teams of five to eight people.

Is there organizations like this out there today? I would suggest there is. Some are like this, some are better than this and some are growing into this, but none of them are more than a handful of people working tight together. It may be that they are a team inside a global giant or a small entrepreneurial firm, it does not matter, what matters if that they are trying to become more than what could ever be expected of them.

The value transfered to the customer would be exceptional HELP in evolving the business. So the first question to ask a “lead” customer would be “If you wish to work with us and we wish to work with you, then lets start working and we will find a way of doing business“.