13 years, 4 months ago

To the Spirit of Japan and it's people

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This is an unusual post. I usually try and stick to the topics of Technology and it’s impact on Business in this Blog. But these are not usual times, not for Japan, not for it’s people and neither for us. For the tragedy unfolding is no longer limited to Japan it touches our lives, hearts, minds. And it is important to express these feelings explicitly and implicitly. Because thought indeed matters in such times. Because this is the best most of us can do at the moment, such is the demonstration of raw power by nature.
I have shared a long association with Japan, earlier with ANA Airlines and now with Fujitsu. I have some beautiful memories and remarkable tales from the land. But most importantly the friendship with both ANA and Fujitsu colleagues is what comes to mind the moment I think of this remarkable land. The last time I visited was in Oct 2010 and the memories are still fresh in my mind. 
As those unwelcome images from recent events are splashed in front of my eyes for the past five days on TV, Media etc. I invariably go back to the images of Japan as I know it and what it stands for in my mind. The absolutely powerful yet ultimately calm Shrines, the impeccable hospitality, the warm and heartfelt welcome, the curiosity and urge to learn and adopt new thinking, the ever present dedication and extremely hard work ethic, the very interesting and unique mixture of urban progress seamlessely curled up in ancient wisdom, rituals and very human aspect of development. 
This what Japan stands for in my mind. And I am convinced that these very attributes will help Japan and it’s people to rise from these extremely testing times. Here is to the Spirit of Japan and it’s people! We are united in this struggle and right with you in these tough times…..