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Active Information: Data Scientists, Moneyball, Competitive Analytics & Big Data Definition

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I’ve been remiss in sharing my active information posts.  The latest:

Data Scientists: Heavy Lifting Required

“Good data scientists understand, in a deep way, that the heavy lifting of cleanup and preparation isn’t something that gets in the way of solving the problem: it is the problem.” – DJ Patil

On Davenport on Moneyball: Swing or ride the pine

Companies looking to compete on analytics, or for that matter, just stay competitive, need leaders who realize that having tunnel vision on singular, staid metrics, will lead to singular, staid businesses.

Taking the right path to Competitive Analytics

The evolution from experienced to transformed analytics takes one of two paths, which depends on the nature and goals of the organization.

Big Data definitions will be Big Data problem

It seems that the definitions and opinions on what is, and isn’t, big data, could fill a terabyte or two on their own.

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