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Organize your Enterprise Architecture Event: Value First!

In part 9 of “Memoirs of an Enterprise Architect” I discussed some key Enterprise Architecture (EA) concepts and provided simplified definitions.  I would like to continue this discussion and ask that you comment with your thoughts.

Enterprise Architecture cordially invites you to Dinner and Desert…

Your EA table is right this way

Enterprise Architecture is a matrixed effort and to be successful it dependents on leveraging data from several different teams within an organization. Resistance from one or more of these teams occurs though because they often don’t see what’s in it for them and don’t think they have a place at the table. This is how EA can fail before it even gets started. Therefore, this issue needs to be considered in the overall plan of action and addressed prior to engaging with any teams.

What’s in it for You?

There is no such thing as a free lunch. When you start engaging teams, asking them for data, make sure you can provide them value in return.  Help them understand that not only do they have a place at the table, but no one can start to eat without them. In fact, no one should take a seat without everyone in the party showing up first.  Your Enterprise Architecture team’s success depends on it!

Why? Because you will need all your “guests” to participate and give you access to data from key systems like:

So, you better make sure they feel important!

What’s in it for them? All of the teams that manage the above systems can benefit from integrating and providing data to the EA solution.  Some of those key benefits are listed below and need to be communicated in the invite:

  • Facilitate and ensure Data Completeness.
  • Facilitate and ensure Data Quality.
  • Provide a robust Process and Governance.
  • Provide a comprehensive Communication Plan providing teams with more visibility and awareness to senior management.
  • Enable them to make better business decisions by providing a more holistic picture of their respective systems and how they fit into the overall organization.

It’s time for dessert!

There is nothing as sweet as feeling like you are a part of something big. Next time you engage a team within your organization make sure you make them feel welcome and help them see what place should they have at the table.  After all, knowing that you are going to get a yummy dessert, can make even a not so good meal well worth it!

See you next week, same time, same place talking about the value of Governance and how it is not an option if you want to have a successful Enterprise Architecture practice.

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