10 years, 8 months ago

Building an Effective Enterprise Architecture Capability

Enterprise Architecture supports implementation of change in a coordinated way. Building an Enterprise Architecture Capability is a process of change in itself, and thus can be supported by Enterprise Architecture methods and tools. In this White Paper we described how a high-level approach for the initiation and development of the Enterprise Architecture capability can be derived from TOGAF, and especially its core component the Architecture Development Method (ADM). This high level approach consists of four steps:

  1. Getting the organization committed and involved
  2. Getting the Architecture Capability right
  3. Making the Architecture Capability work
  4. Keep the process running

The steps above provide a solid structure for the process of setting up an Enterprise Architecture Capability in the organization. But in order to be successful, there is a need for another ingredient: a practical way to manage and govern the process. In the White Paper on the right we described how to leverage The Grip Approach to this end. The Grip Approach provides oversight for change processes in general. By translating the four high-level steps above to the structure of the Grip Approach, the organization has a strong tool for keeping track of the success of the Enterprise Architecture capability.

How do we align our technology portfolios with our strategy roadmap?

The Grip Approach is supported by an easy-to-use, web-based tool: GripManager. The steps in the process can be managed and governed based on balanced scorecards (GripCard). Progress can be tracked and visualized. Moreover, the GripManager tool acts as a central repository for Enterprise Architecture artifacts. Once the Enterprise Architecture Capability is established, the Grip Approach can be refined for use in Enterprise Architecture projects. The GripManager can be configured accordingly. With the GripManager tool configured and running, additional GripCards can be created to manage and govern Enterprise Architecture projects. The initial GripCards that were defined for building the Enterprise Architecture capability itself can be taken as starting point, and expanded for an Enterprise Architecture project by adding more detailed activities based on the TOGAF ADM.

Many organizations struggle to build an effective Enterprise Architecture practice. In this White Paper we showed how the combination of the TOGAF framework with The Grip Approach enables the development and continuous improvement of an Enterprise Architecture capability.

Interested to read more about this topic? Download the white paper attached on the right.

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