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2014 Troux Worldwide Conference at a glance

The Troux Worldwide Conference commenced this week in Austin, Texas. This is a conference made up of largely Enterprise Architects that are current or prospective Troux customers.

2014 Troux Worldwide Conference

Troux Worldwide conference - Corey Balko - Intact Technology - Troux Software - Troux - Enterprise ArchitectureTroux did a great job on not making the focus of this conference a sales pitch. Instead, they enabled their customers to speak on their experiences using the platform.

After listening to several sessions from well known companies around the world, it is apparent that we as enterprise architects, struggle with effective communication. We are doing great work for our organizations however, it is not well communicated, and does not connect with the audience.

It is time for Enterprise Architects to challenge the status quo, not put it to sleep!

Great architects should become great communicators. The common theme heard throughout the conference was how to communicate value back to the organization. There was no shortage of valuable data, but we need to understand that it is not about the data. The way we usually communicate is hurting us. We struggle with communicating the value of EA. 

What are some common pitfalls we should avoid?

  • Do not show slides of architecture models or detailed reports and visualizations that cannot be read by the naked eye.
  • Do not make a presentation so complex that it intimidates the intended audience.
  • Do not present without informing the audience what the purpose is and what you hope for them to learn.

It is time to learn to communicate in a more effective way.

The Power of Storytelling

Andy Craig, co-author of “Weekend Language” presented a talk about storytelling at work. He did an excellent job and I would highly recommend you check out his book.

He talked about how we as humans have an innate ability to tell great stories at least two days per week (i.e the weekend). We don’t go to parties and barbecues using PowerPoint to engage with friends. So why do we do it during the week? Andy had three points for the audience to learn and they all resonated with everyone and I know they will for you as well.

1. Get to the point.

2. Tell a story.

3. Suspend PowerPoint.

Communication is paramount not only to the success of Enterprise Architecture, but also for us to grow and be successful in our careers.

Did you attend the Troux Worldwide Conference this year?  What did you think about the different presentations?  Join me in the conversation.

See you next week, same time, same place.


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