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Data We Can Trust

Last week I talked about 5 Must-Have Characteristics to Enable Enterprise Architecture Successfully. This week I would like to talk about Data We Can Trust.

Over the last year, I have had the privilege to work with a large organization to help them reach their goals of running IT as a Business.  To prepare for this transition, they needed to put the right processes and the right people in place to establish a foundation of interconnected systems and tools.

Bad Data

They were not unlike many other companies in that they had a lot of disparate data from many different sources.  They needed to bring this data together to be able to answer those critical questions and make informed business decisions that matter.

The problem was they did not have a clear understanding where all their data was so when making decisions, key information was missing or lacked accuracy.  As a result, this led to:

  • Multiple answers to the same question
  • IT working in silos and managing data and information locally
  • Poor or high risk decision making
  • Bad reporting
  • System crashes
  • No prediction on the impact decisions have on systems

With little to no insight to utilize systems and information across all teams, the data that was produced wasn’t helpful and often led them deeper down the rabbit hole.  In order to generate the kind of data they needed, that was vital to their success, this organization had to create a reference model that could depict the high quality data necessary to run IT as a Business.

Enter Troux.

Troux is a valuable aggregator for relating data from asset, service, cost, change, configuration, project and portfolio management.

Together, we were able to leverage the Troux Enterprise Architecture platform and really tap into its power and vast capabilities. Troux EA has been instrumental for this and many organizations to advance down the strategic roadmap towards their goals.

By integrating the data from all of the various systems, this organization will establish:

  • A single authoritative source for each data element
  • Data that can be trusted
  • A rich data set that can provide valuable insight about the business


Our partnership has resulted in a deeper understanding of the organization’s current state. But not only, do they understand where they are today, now they have a rich reference model of where they want to go, and a detailed 3-year roadmap of how to get there.

This global organization has been empowered now to embark on a strategy integrating CMDB and Troux together, which will push their level of visibility and oversight to another level.  The team is also working to make their data better and more accurate with new processes and governance put in place.

Do you trust the data in your organization?  Could we help you gain better visibility?

Join in the conversation and share your thoughts. See you next week, same time, same place.

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