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Marketing architecture

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While architecture is often used as an instrument for change, the architecture of an area is often not changing at all. The architecture of marketing is however a classical area that is changing in a revolutionary way. A lot of architects are involved with marketing not so much as an area they work in but more an area to promote their own services and offerings. Usually architects are bad in marketing as they often follow the traditional batch processing lead marketing cycle based on the traditional campaign cycle.

While there are many people and companies that will supply you with the traditional based batch campaign methodology there is often very little in measurable outcome. The factors that however have changed are the ability to to connect in real time with your potential clients, as well as knowledge of customers in near real time which includes his searches.

Established Marketing tells us that our product will either need to fill a unique business need (unlikely) or be interesting in some other way. Traditional means to overcome this such as pointing out generic uniquenesses of your product or inserting wording such as ‘new’, ‘proven’, etc. are no longer working as the potential client expects you to answer his personal needs unless you are selling a commodity and even then he expects to be treated in answering his questions in real time.

So the new marketing architecture builds on story and real time interaction. Googles “Dear Sophie” or P&G ongoing “Thank you, Mom” stories are great examples for good stories. When selling professional services actual awareness of an area usually associated with some kind of regulation can be used for a story as long as people  will at least follow the the story for one sentence. After this clients should be captured by personal interaction, such as a pop up inviting to help them. This contact is usually a member of the sales team which will the use the interaction to close a deal or when selling higher quality services or products use this to get a sales visit.

This fundamental change in marketing is that it is clearly being driven by technology, specifically the ability to connect in real time and know what the persons last searches were. However as an architect it is important to understand if your client follows the legacy or the new business architecture of marketing as many will try for a hybrid that so far never worked out.

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