4 years, 6 months ago

The missing logic with architects

Link: http://www.etc-architect.com/?p=370

It is sometimes amazing that well paid architects are the last people to pay license fees for software and then arguing that the licenses should be free anyhow as all software companies make far than enough profits anyhow. Often I also hear that because of 5 projects that failed partial because the used a certain language, do not use that language anymore. Or others that say that architects have to take place in all forms of agility including the completely uncontrolled ones, because some leading books say so.

By the way all those wrong arguments that I have used in the samples are part of the petitio principii fallacy that was described as early as Aristotle. The key wrongness is that all the so called arguments only work on themselves, so only when we have already decided on the outcome. The problem why you often find this fallacy so often with architects is that architects are often told what they need to do, but not really why (or they told that it is part of the strategy, which is no answer either). However this often the point where we as architects need to be firm. I personally have walked away at least twice from projects and companies and 2 times from projects that were built on this fallacy. I personally see the defiance against this kind of argument much more important than to categorically denied working in some sectors.

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