4 years, 3 months ago

If you want to become a world famous architect use text and AI bots.

Link: http://www.etc-architect.com/?p=382

Just to be clear I am usually only publishing 1-2 articles per week as it helps me to stay current and use my head a bit more. If however you want to be famous the key is to structure your content. Usually you will have to have 5-8 headlines for each article and tag them with date and URL histories, so that when you write  a social media bot (or have it written in China) you seemingly are producing new content every 10 minutes at least, even when you sleep. Usually people forget what you wrote after 3 – 6 weeks so that is the time you can reuse on the same site. Additionally write API to any new social media site and just publish the old content again.  Just focus on producing or copying content and constantly write new API to connect to the ever widening audience.

Funny enough this is the only way today that you can get business using social media, as people giving out architecture business want it to be given to the famous one, not really to the skilled  and most experienced. So it is still better to use the traditional means to get work as while you often have to hassle with recruitment agencies they are not asking for you to show your online presence every 10 minutes;-)

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