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Teams that train together, win together.

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Football, basketball and hockey are all popular team sports played around the world. All push the team spirit, have a play to win attitude and watch the competition fiercely. They also have fans, enemies and investors watching and criticizing their every move, pushing them to increase their performance at every stage.

To ensure they are achieving peak performance, the teams train hard day in and day out pushing themselves to achieve new heights. These sporting teams also develop customised training programs to enhance the unique skill set of each individual, but understand that the overall performance derives from the individuals working together as a team. That’s why they implement and focus on team training, they ensure each member is working to the same framework, communicating on the same level and working together to achieve the same result. These sporting teams understand that the combined effect is greater than the individual.

The same approach goes for businesses. While it’s important to nurture and enhance the unique skills of each individual, the greatest benefit will be seen when your team is trained as a whole.

From our experience as a specialised training provider, we’ve seen the greatest wins take place when a whole business team trains together. When a team learns about new methods and frameworks they start to undergo a transformational process that puts them on the fast-tracked path to success. For example, training an individual in the TOGAF framework will change the way that individual approaches projects and problems, however it will not successfully change the team around him. When a team trains in the TOGAF framework together, they develop the same mindset, they work off the same framework and as a result of this the rate of success dramatically increases.

When a team trains together, they are able to change their ways and represent their thinking in a common language. They are able to collectively apply a common approach to projects and business problems. They are able to operate from a common set of principles and practices, and focus their collective attention on what is most important to the organisation.

When a team trains together, not only do they work in greater harmony, they work more productively.

We’ve noticed that as a results of team training, the enterprise gains;

  • Better flow of knowledge between team members
  • High morale as team members work in greater harmony
  • Increased responsiveness to change
  • Reduced risk for strategic and tactical programmes
  • Reduced cost in time and money to execute change
  • Increased efficiency in project activity
  • Reduced levels of redundancy and duplication in human effort
  • Consistency in alignment with strategic directives
  • Better retention of critical knowledge across time (now, future) and space (geographical locations, different groups)
  • Increased quality of organisational knowledge in making change
  • Robust capability to operationalise architecture practices as quickly and collaboratively as possible

When a team trains together, they win together. They provide a greater level of productivity, cohesion and resilience.

If your organization is seeking to increase its wins, we have a range of specialized professional development programmes that can be delivered as a standalone training course or as part of a wider series of training events.

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