7 years, 26 days ago

Alternative truth for architects

Link: http://www.etc-architect.com/?p=706

Alternative truth should be nothing new for everyone working on projects as their is always a current truth called the project plan and potential truth, if the the current timeline is no longer working out. Also in architecture we are working with options, plan B and C, as well as conflicting scope and requirement considerations.

As such we are used or should be used to alternative truth. However than there is the subject four ego, our belief in a singularity and our solution that usually is stark opposition to such alternative truth that usually position us as a stable element in many projects. This as such is actually quite good as project managers often shift the truth to suit the overall progress forgetting to meet the original delivery. As such the architect often plays an angering truth role in the group structure and the insistence in the ultimate truth by architects is one of the biggest benefits of having an architect on the team.

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