14 years, 1 month ago

Influence – you’ve either got it or you need the book!

“Influence: Science & Practice” by Robert B Cialdini is my latest addition to the must-read non-architecture books for Enterprise Architects.

 I’ve been reading it for the last week and I’ve lost count of the number of excellent messages, observations and techniques that I will be weaving into the Enterprise Architecture approaches for the future. it’s one of those books which will take a number of reads to get the most from it but after the first few chapters it is making an impact.

Cialdini is a Psychology professor and with his team have catalogued and structured the different ways in which people are influenced. From one perspective it will help any architect structure their approach to stakeholders to get the greatest buy-in and from another will help them to understand the mechanisms used by sales teams competing to have their products placed into the architecture stack.