13 years, 11 months ago

OmniGraffle for iPad Now Supports VGA Output

I have (surprisingly) gotten a lot of comments over the last post about using OmniGraffle as an interactive EA tool.  The news flash/update is that it now supports VGA output.  I had sent a note to the developers and they responded that this was a highly sought after feature…well, they delivered.

I have tried it informally and it works, thought there is a little lag between the drawing on the screen and the output, but it is not terrible.

So buy yourself a VGA adapter and start trying it out in JAD (Joint Architecture Design) sessions.

Here is a link to a couple little OG tutorials:

"What’s OmniGraffle for iPad", you say? Let us show you! Use the link below to see watch a guided tour of the powerful diagraming tool for the iPad.

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