13 years, 8 months ago

When IT Governance Meets Enterprise Architecture

Tomorrow, I am speaking at the Danish IT Society’s yearly IT Governance conference.  The conference program (in Danish) can be found here – and my presentation can be downloaded here.

My three take aways for tomorrow are:

  • Public IT-budgets can be tamed – the overall maturity in public sector it-planning and implementation is low.  IT is still a young discipline and there is plenty of room for improvement.
  • A new IT-project board and shared service center for IT will improve IT governance – recent initiatives in the central government of Denmark will improve accountability and encourage more desirable behaviour in the use of IT.
  • Reference models create structure and content in the IT governance process – the Danish all of government reference models provide a common language for agencies, supports the identification of duplicate investments, and offers a basis for the objective review of ICT investment by government.

Two Meta-Disciplines United
The IT Governance Institute defines IT governance as “… the leadership and organisational structures and processes that ensure that the organisation’s IT sustains and extends the organisation’s strategies and objectives.”  As such, IT governance can been described as a ‘meta-discipline’ that embraces ideas from many other disciplines like the Balanced Scorecard, Six Sigma, etc.  Similarly, enterprise architecture is a ‘meta-discipline’ that embraces, supplements, and extends other disciplines, as for example Business Process Management.

It looks like both ‘meta-disciplines’ try to provide a comprehensive and coherent view across business, information, and technology.  That is, not just to guide the design of IT systems, but to deliver business change supported and enabled by IT.  If we are lucky, the two disciplines go hand in hand tomorrow to avoid unclear distributions of power, unclear mandates, and help ensure that IT resources and business processes are planned, leveraged, and coordinated better in government.  Will be fun!

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