13 years, 6 months ago

Just and All the Anti-Pattern of Architecture

Link: http://www.angryarchitect.com/?p=389

It’s one of those phrases that sticks in your head, I can’t remember where I first heard it or even if I’ve remember it correctly. But it had an instant impact and it’s stayed with me ever since, “never confuse activity with progress.” I wish I could claim authorship of this little gem, but alas that belongs to someone wiser than I.

Sitting in an architecture meeting the other day I could sense the growing frustration of the project’s sponsor and then it came both barrels in the one sentence … “look we just need a  (insert  any noun you like here) and all we have to do is (enter the appropriate verb here)” … there I thought the complete  JustAll anti pattern.

Just and all are like red flags to me these days they along with the phrase “I think …” (instead of I know) are absolute sure fire signs of incomplete thought. The people uttering them are invariably demanding action. What they fail to realise is that the problem isn’t that they aren’t doing anything, but that they don’t know what to do! Rather than critically analysing the situation and working out what’s required they abandon the use of their frontal lobe and give in to their primeval “flight or fight” response. Now this is probably a very good survival trait, but it isn’t architecture. Which brings me to another, no doubt misquoted old saying “decide in haste and repent in leisure.” Seems some people never learn.