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Week of Tweets – 27 Dec. 2010 – 2 Jan. 2011

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Every week I read / react to lot of tweets / posts dealing with a lot of interesting stuff highlighting great content to be found on the web that can be of interest to many of my kinds. My only regrets is that I hardly keep memories of these interesting thoughts / information. This blog post is for me to keep track of these fugitives ideas and to share them with all of you.

Note that this is only a very small selection of the links that I read / tweet about, so don’t miss out. ;)

Enterprise Architecture, business architecture…

RT @AdrianGrigoriu: Blogged “Does the Enterprise Architecture function run without an EA?” http://it.toolbox.com/trd/46/2/41642/3 << EA requires both a function / practice / governance AND blueprint and structure. If any of them is missing, you expose yourself to fail, for sure. Doesn’t means that this is enough neither, talent of your EAs and robust method/framework are needed too.

RT @TheBusinessArch: #Business #Architecture requirement http://bit.ly/gwkpQT << Good description on how and when requirement management / business architecture bring benefits to Business during a project.

RT @eamven: Business Models versus business modelling – Enterprise Architecture Matters http://goo.gl/vhrba << Thesaurus: clarification of terms such as: Business Models / business modeling / business architecture. Such clarification is always good to avoid misunderstanding and refresh our minds.

Information Management – Current Issue: Why Do We Model? http://tinyurl.com/259xal8 << Quite simplistic way of looking at the modelisation work, but good enough (as a first step) for having modelisation reluctant people on-board.

@EA_Consultant: #EA: Looking back at 2010 and forward to 2011: From EA to BPM… http://bit.ly/htbHf5 << Nice overview, even though this article does quite rather quick shortcuts esp. on mainframe.

Productivity, GTD (Getting Things Done), Organization

Differentiating Role and Soul | HolacracyOne: http://bit.ly/glEIzF #Holacracy << Few techniques to move towards a bit better organizational clarity.

Official Google Enterprise Blog: Email overload? Try Priority Inbox http://t.co/HqxCyMg << Information overload: new features in gmail to help you prioritize your emails.


SystemicLogic: Innovation starts with you! http://tinyurl.com/2erdcpq << Innovation stands in the Culture. The more the diversity of this Culture is, the richer the Innovation will be.

RT @ES_101: Predictable organic growth through unpredictable innovation http://lnkd.in/e8uRnj << A company’s growth strategy cannot be built on today’s products and services. This post gives clues about how to put in place and reach innovative growth.


RT @Marie_Ang: There is nothing more dangerous than the moment you become a hostage to yesterday’s comfort zone – Rob Thompson #quote
<< To keep in mind all the time to prevent us to lay down.

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