13 years, 5 months ago

Studying enterprise architecture and a few other things

Here below is a list of titles of ongoing projects by students at the IT University.

Most of the students are always interested in speaking with experts and practitioners in their areas, so if you are such and want to speak to students, let me know. If you are looking for a fresh graduate to hire, also let me know.

I can connect you to specific students, but am also happy to arrange (virtual or local) seminars etc with relevant clusters of students. See also my unofficial ITU Enterprise program.

  • Portfolio management as a strategic lever
  • Architecture Frameworks and Value Creation.
  • An organic change mangement project – a systemic approach
  • Customer at the center – enterprise architecture in a media house
  • Agile Procurement in Government
  • BPMN in a public perspective
  • Digitilisation in a system theoretic perspective
  • EA in Greenland
  • EA in a public company
  • Evolving Business Process Management (BPM) Strategies in Enterprise Architecture (EA)
  • Free and discout CrewManagementIT
  • Policy for securing of It architecture, data and Intellectual property
  • Preanalysis of the business and design aspects related to developing a smartphone (web) app.
  • Project Portfolio Management in a Strategic Perspective
  • SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management Security Policies
  • Service Oriented Architechture (SOA) for a small business
  • Should one of the leading Faroese IT Enterprises have an IT strategy?
  • Strategy, Governance, and Enterprise Architecture in Private and Public Organizations
  • The single version of the truth
  • The value creation of IT-projects of the Capital Healthcare Region with focus emphasis on Enterprise Architechure
  • Analysis of Scrum in practice
  • Applied Enterprise Architecture in Ørestad Airways
  • Business Opportunities with Cloud Services
  • Strategisk IT i Koncernservice – EA med forhindringer
  • Private EA. versus public EA. – A comparative analysis
  • Digitalization in the name of democracy – potential and barriers
  • Establishing an effective project management for outsourcing projects
  • Producibility an Industry Paradigm: Reforming the Approach to Enterprise Architecture and Systems Integration
  • Public procurement of IT
  • Systematic Harnessing of Collective Intelligence and Web 2.0 on the Stock Market
  • A Case Study of Applied Enterprise Architecture

Many organisations opening up for students require confidentiality agreements (NDAs), which is understandable and no problem administratively.