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Link: http://weblog.tomgraves.org/index.php/2011/02/11/belonging/

A great conversation yesterday with Australian facilitator Helena Read, around the word ‘belonging’, and how it links with vision and enterprise-vision.

In the enterprise, vision is the anchor for everything: the quality-system, the business-purpose, the enterprise itself. It’s a very human focus, literally emotive: “that which gets me out of bed in the morning”, and so on.

Behind it, though – and the driver that creates that literal emotion – is the human need to belong. To be part of something that is ‘greater than self’.

Belonging, says Helena, is about longing, about deep desire, ‘to long for’. To belong to something – to be part of something greater than self – is a way to express that longing. And, in the longing, to be. Literally, to be, in the longing; to know oneself as oneself in and through the expression of that longing.

A longing is also about or for something that does not exist, that we wish did exist. We accept that ‘that which is longed for’ may in reality never exist: yet it’s that very tension that makes us reach out for it, strive for it, do whatever we can towards it so that it might somehow exist in some unknown future.

Belonging. Longing to be.

To what do you belong? What do you long for? And how do you express that longing in your life, your work, your enterprise?

So that’s what an enterprise-vision is really about: it provides an anchor for that longing, that need to ‘belong’.

Which is why that enterprise-vision is not a trivial matter.

And if you don’t take it seriously, don’t be surprised that people show little interest in belonging to your enterprise?