13 years, 4 months ago

The (non) Importance of Language

Working with a variety of clients on EA initiatives one begins to realize that not everyone is a fan of EA. Specifically, they are not a fan of the “a-word”. Some organizations have abused this term with creating and assigning the title to just about anyone who demonstrates above average prowess with a particular technology. Other organizations will assign the title to those managers left with no staff after a reorg. Some companies, unfortunately, have simply had a bad go of it with regard to EA…or any “A” for that matter.

What we call “EA” is almost irrelevant. But what is not negotiable for those to succeed in business is to manage change. That is what EA is all about. I recall sitting in Zachman training led by himself. He posits the only organizations that don’t need EA (or whatever you want to call it) are those that are not changing. My experience suggests those orgs that aren’t changing aren’t growing. And if you aren’t growing, you’re dying. Any EA program will not succeed unless there is a desire to change. No desire to change suggests the EA/Advisor/Change Agent should just walk the other way.