13 years, 4 months ago

The Power of Knowing Where You Are Going


So, you might ask, what do Bruce Lee and EA have in common? Well, as a long-time martial artist and Bruce Lee fan, the connection should have been clear to me. But it wasn’t. That was until a friend emailed me a link to a blog called “Letters of Note” edited by Shaun Usher.

From the blog:

When he wrote the following mission statement — which, for argument’s sake, I’m classing as a letter written to himself — Bruce Lee was 28 years of age and a minor TV star in the United States, having featured in a number of shows which included, most notably, the ill-fated Green Hornet series. With his second child recently born and no financial security to speak of, the clearly determined founder of Jeet Kune Do decided to put his "definite chief aim" down on paper.
The rest is history.

(Read the original post: Letters of Note: My Definite Chief Aim.)

The letter that Lee wrote highlights the power of knowing where you want to go and committing it to paper.  This is exactly what we do with EA.  We build a picture of where we want our company/agency to go and commit it to paper (or electronic files).  It is often said that, if you want to get something big done, write it down or tell a friend.  That way you are putting some skin in the game, as it were, and are more committed to the task at hand.

So, a strategy is only as good as it is clear and documented – like Bruce’s simple and single paragraph stating where he plans to go.